“Russia: UN Should Control Internet”


  “Don’t tell Al Gore, but Russia and China are leading the charge to take custody of the internet from a handful of U.S.-based NGOs and give it to the UN.”


The makings of disaster …


   “The UN, which has a deplorable record when it comes to human rights and basic freedoms, wants control over the most important communications tool in the world?  The same UN that elected Iran to the UN Arms Trade Treaty conference,appointed a Libyan representative to lead the Human Rights Commission, named Robert Mugabe its Special Tourism Envoy, and awarded a prize funded by money stolen from Equatorial Guineans by their brutal dictator? Many UN members would like nothing better than to censor or ban the irritating news stories that can so swiftly spread across the web.”


  By all means , let’s give control of humanity’s best shot at liberty to the despots and terrorists that control the cesspit that is the UN .