” Wasserman Schultz calls Jerusalem omission from platform a ‘technical error’ “

  “Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fla.) explained the exclusion of language recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in the 2012 Democratic national platform as a “technical error” that had not been discussed at all during the drafting process. 

“Essentially, with Jerusalem, it was a technical omission and nothing more than that,” Wasserman Schultz said Thursday on CNN. “There was never any discussion or debate commentary over adding or subtracting it.” “


   Debbie , Debbie , Debbie… We’ve seen the video of the floor vote . After three attempts to reach a two thirds majority vote it was called in favor of including Jerusalem and God in your platform but the voice vote was in no way a conclusive majority , hence the booing from your delegates on the announcement that the motion had passed. 

  You need to remember that thanks to AlGore we can fact-check your a.. with impunity . You resemble “Baghdad Bob” more with each passing day .