And The Differences Are …

   “As I sit here and hammer this out on my keyboard, the Democratic Party of the United States is meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina, for the purpose of officially nominating President Obama to again represent their party in the upcoming US Presidential election. In addition to that, they have adopted their official platform, extolling their wants and visions for this nation. The official platform deals with subjects like abortion, same-sex marriage, and other social issues. I will touch briefly upon those two matters, before moving on to what concerns us as gun owners and freedom-loving Americans. Abortion is murder, and in this nation, it is done mostly for convenience, and it is wrong. Abortion ends an innocent human life. It seems pretty simple to me. On the gay marriage thing, I don’t care if they marry or not. It is a sin for a man to bed down with another man. It is also a sin for a man to bed down with a woman to whom he is not married. Therefore, if a couple of men are living as husband and husband, it is none of my business whether or not they have a wedding. They can have a big cake, throw a bouquet, and register at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Have at it. They might as well be as miserable as the rest of us. Now, onto the subject of gun ownership, and the control of such.

The rights preserved for us in our Constitution are God-given, and are not dealt out by a benevolent government. Our nation’s founders enumerated those rights in the first ten amendments to our Constitution. The Second was placed there to protect our nation’s citizenry from a tyrannical government. It had nothing to do with duck hunting. Had the patriots not been armed with the best weapons available, we would still be British subjects.”