Libertarian Party


  “A common misconception of Libertarianism is that we believe that everything should be driven by profit; in other words, we *supposedly* believe that all charities, research grants, space exploration, and patronage of the arts should involve making a profit from the recipients of the support. 

Obviously, that view has nothing to do with Libertarianism. We don’t think that all charity should somehow be profitable. But we do believe that it should be voluntary. If you want to support the sciences, you can voluntarily donate money, or get involved in fundraising. The same is true of any charity. And this method works. Remember how much money was voluntarily raised for Haiti?

In fact, each year, Americans donate about 300 billion dollars to charity, which is about five times TANF (what most people think of as “welfare.”) Libertarians believe that donating your own time and money, and encouraging others to do the same, is admirable.

But we oppose stealing money from others, via taxation, to support any charity.”