Whatever happened to the dignity inherent in holding the office of ” President of the United States of America ” ?

   We know , you say that this ad was put out by an independent political action committee and it’s content does not ” necessarily ” reflect the views of their candidate , to which we say ” hogwash “. If Obama didn’t approve of this it wouldn’t run . Period . 


  ‘Using Mitt Romney as the bogeyman to scare the daylights out of a little girl and cursing throughout. Yeah, that’s pretty much the liberal mindset. I guess Jackson hasn’t had a decent movie in years so he’s reduced to filming these idiotic ad with the Spawn of Soros. When he and the rest of he Hollywood simpletons pimping themselves for Obama wonder why nobody bothers to go see their movies, maybe some day it’ll dawn on him why.”


Take a look at video posted over at Jammie Wearing Fool