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Neil Armstrong Buried at Sea

A very moving and impressive photo-essay of the burial services for Neil Armstrong .



Courtesy of Michael Yon


College students reinvent the wheel with spherical drive motorcycle


  ” A group of engineering students have designed what may be the coolest motorcycle ever, if you can even call it a motorcycle.

While at San Jose State University last spring, senior Max Ratner and a team of undergrads invented what they call the Spherical Drive System. Instead of wheels and tires the motorcycle they designed rides on spheres controlled by six motors on top of them. The result is a very radical ride can move in any direction.

The team recently completed the steel frame. This fall, they plan to start building the electrical components and finish the motor design, which is the most unique component. For the drive system to work, complex algorithms control each motor – three on each sphere. With the spheres, the team says they are “reinventing the wheel” because the bike has a new freedom of movement to zig-zag through traffic, park laterally, and even spin in place.

 “The spherical design is actively balancing all the time, which is similar to a Segway,” says Henry Li, part of the six-person engineering team. “We chose the form factor of a motorcycle because we know it can handle high-speeds, but the Segway is limited in how fast it can go.” “


From FreedomWorks


  “The American people stopped Congress from passing disastrous so-called cybersecurity bills that would infringe on the free speech and privacy of internet users. Nothing short of amazing happened when Congress tried to ram through CISPA, SOPA, and PIPA. The defeat of these bills showed the power of grassroots activism as countless activists rose up and took action by calling their congressmen and spreading the word on social media.”


Congress at least backed down , as they should ..


  “There’s a reason that the Founding Fathers were so adamant on a system of checks and balances to help ensure that one branch does not become too powerful.”


But this executive branch has done nothing but sh*t on the people’s rights ..


   “But the Obama administration believes that it can simply bypass the legislative branch anytime they feel like it. Obama has passed a whopping 139 executive orders to date.”


Get ready for another screwing people .


The people’s will be Damned …


Uh Oh !

Cheaper Than Dirt

“Survival Tip: When shooting, always wear hearing and vision protection. You never know when things could go awry”

And don’t forget to remove your bore sighter BEFORE you shoot . 

Conservative Patriots of America


Priorities …


  “Perhaps it’s a leap too far to suggest that bad behavior by presidential candidates leads to bad behavior by presidents, but given that we have a president who has embraced a whatever-it-takes view of his office, I’m not so sure. If you can campaign however you like, why not govern by asserting whatever authority it takes. If the traditional mores of electioneering are old fashioned, well so too might be the constitutional rules of governance.”


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U.S. Move to Give Egypt $450 Million in Aid Meets Resistance

  “The Obama administration notified Congress on Friday that it would provide Egypt’s new government an emergency cash infusion of $450 million, but the aid immediately encountered resistance from a prominent lawmaker wary of foreign aid and Egypt’s new course under the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood.”



  “Rep. Peter King called for the resignation Friday of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice for initially saying that the deadly Sept. 11 assault on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was spontaneous.

“I believe that this was such a failure of foreign policy messag[ing] and leadership, such a misstatement of facts as was known at the time … for her to go on all of those shows and in effect be our spokesman for the world and be misinforming the American people and our allies and countries around the world, to me, somebody has to pay the price for this,” the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee told CNN.”


Cheaper Than Dirt

From News Busters

 “The New York Post reported Egyptian-American columnist Mona Eltahawy has been arrested for defacing an anti-Muslim ad in the New York subway system. The video shows her spraying pink paint on the ad while a supporter of the ad tries to block her. She’s a journalist for censorship.

Eltahawy, a former Reuters correspondent, has been a recent favorite of CNN and MSNBC’s weekend morning shows to discuss Egypt, and she often smears together the Islamist “right wing” and the American right wing, as she did on Melissa Harris-Perry just 11 days ago :


Amazing moments in history beautifully photographed (38 Photos) from a very cool blog 

Prohibition- Alcohol barrels to be burned (1924)


Prohibition- Alcohol barrels to be burned (1924)

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Obama’s Fun Cost You $1.4 Billion

  “$1.4 billion.  That’s how much it cost taxpayers for Obama’s staff, housing, and entertainment last year. Over a billion dollars. Where is Robin Leach when we need him?

Instead of working with Congress to cut taxes and spending, President Obama instead threw massive parties for Hollywood bigwigs, costing us billions.”

Quantum of Easing

  Happy 131st Birthday Ludwig

Ludwig Von Mises

“The main political problem is how to prevent the police power from becoming tyrannical. This is the meaning of all the struggles for liberty”