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Gingrich: Senator told me networks may have White House emails commanding counterterrorism group to stand down on Benghazi rescue


Video at the link

” After noting that the rumor, if true, would have a substantial impact on the presidential election,
Gingrich pointed to another possible “October surprise” in the coming days.

  “The other big story, I think, that is going to break is on corruption and extraordinary waste in the solar power grants and direct involvement by the Obama White House, including the president, in the solar panel grants involving billions of dollars, and I suspect that’s going to break Wednesday and Thursday of this week,” Gingrich added. “

Explosive Video:


  ” The president has taken credit for killing Osama bin Laden, but has only said he will hold those accountable responsible for the
terrorist attack at Benghazi . “

Why the .22 can be a good choice for self defense


” Heresy! No gun writer is allowed to advocate for the .22 LR as a self defense caliber, right?Well, I suppose I didn’t get that memo. Maybe it is in the spam filter of my e-mail account. Don’t worry – It is not my intention to start a holy war over which caliber is better than another. I think we can all agree that given a center mass shot, any of the major calibers, such as the .357 Magnum and .45 ACP, are superior to the .22 LR in terms of stopping bad people from doing bad things. But that is not to say the little rimfire cannot be an adequate self-defense caliber. I hope to illustrate that the .22 might be a viable option for self defense in certain situations. “

To Hide All Your Rifles & Shotguns & Handguns & Knives & Your Uzi [VIDEO]

  ” Where am I going to hide all these guns? It’s a question we all ask ourselves time to time when our gun racks become so overfilled that suddenly we find ourselves storing our guns in empty beer case boxes in plain view of both our small children. “

Breitbart – One Voice Silenced, Millions Awakened


100 Percent FED Up


Image Blitz


Nice Job,Facebook


” Over the weekend, Facebook took down a message by the Special Operations Speaks PAC (SOS) which highlighted the fact that Obama denied backup to the forces being overrun in Benghazi. “

Trashy Slideshow


Little Red Riding Hood ?

Double Oh Yes … One of literature’s greatest gifts on another


  ” Conceived as a bestseller, Casino Royale effortlessly transcended such unworthy aims. Today, its
protagonist is up there with Count Dracula and Batman and a handful of other iconic A-listers. Fleming did not anticipate what to me is always the dreariest convention of
the celluloid Bond blockbuster – the final 20 minutes in which 007 and the girl run around a hollowed-out mountain or space station or some other supervillain lair shooting extras in tinfoil catsuits while control panels explode all around them and Bond looks frantically for the button that
deactivates the nuclear laser targeting London, Washington, Moscow and/or Winnipeg – but, that oversight aside, it’s remarkable how much of the 007 architecture he had in place so quickly. In
Casino Royale, the roulette table shows up on page one, M on page three, Moneypenny on page 13, the Double-Os on 14, the CIA’s Felix Leiter on 31, the first dry martini, shaken not stirred, on page 32. “

From Michael Yon


  ” There is much to know about explosives. A wealth of art, science, and carpentry has developed around uncountable blasting concoctions. Explosives range from highly sophisticated scientific “achievements,” such as neutron bombs, to crude mechanical devices that any teenager can build, such as the relatively harmless bottle bombs that undoubtedly are exploding in backyards and vacant lots around America today. In Afghanistan, the principle enemy weapon is the IED: Improvised Explosive Device. Just an hour ago, on 26 August, a bomb detonated nearby, hitting our Afghan Army allies. The charge weighed perhaps 250lbs and was hidden in a culvert under a road that our Soldiers drive over routinely. A command wire was attached, and when Afghan soldiers drove by, it was detonated. Three men were wounded and a fourth was killed. Earlier this week, US troops nearby suffered loss of limbs from similar bombs, and loss of American lives is on average a daily occurrence. “

America’s Freedom Watcher


John Hinderaker at Powerline calls our attention to …


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