Louisiana looks to get strict

  ” And while the state isn’t going to metaphorically take a ruler and start busting knuckles they are going to try and strengthen the 2nd Amendment.  This November, the voters of the Big Easy will go to the polls, not only to elect their representatives, but also to change their constitution with regards to the Second Amendment.

As it stands now, an activist judge in Louisiana can all but strip the residents of their rights if that judge views that keeping and bearing arms is unreasonable.  Due to a ruling in 1977, any measure of gun control would be held constitutional so long as it was “reasonable”.

The opening for a liberal attack on the Second Amendment on those grounds is absurd.  One could point out that since you cannot carry a firearm in Illinois that it is REASONABLE to make the same prohibition in Louisiana   Since Mayor Bloomberg has all but outlawed firearms in New York City, a judge could point to that being a REASONABLE measure in Louisiana.  Even while New York City and Illinois are completely unreasonable places with regards to the 2nd Amendment, they could be used as fodder for a liberal judge’s agenda.”