Rabblerousing Is Good 



 ”  “I think it’s an important story about the effect that one person can have in a very short period of time to change the way an entire culture looks at something like the media,” said Larry Solov, president of Breitbart News Network and Andrew’s lifelong best friend. “And, frankly, the media was more interesting, in most ways, to Andrew than politics.”

Breitbart insisted that liberals controlled the establishment media outlets, so he declared war using the Internet as his battleground. The film includes his promotion of James O’Keefe’s anti-ACORN sting, hisShirley Sherrod smear and his one acknowledged journalistic scoop: Publishing Rep. Anthony Weiner’s lewd pictures, which resulted in the congressman’s resignation. Only one area was off- limit to the filmmakers: Breitbart’s wife and kids.

The documentary was originally scheduled to open Friday in a limited national release, but producers delayed it one week while appealing the Motion Picture Association of America’s “R” rating for the many f-bombs on screen. (A MPAA rep told us the appeal is subject to the release date and rules of the ratings system.) “