… Backfires On Democrats



  ” The Democratic message in favor of the PFA is not effective at increasing the vote for Obama over Romney. What’s more, the debate over the PFA reduces support for President Obama among women who already voted for him in 2008 by 12 points, from 87 percent down to 75 percent. And Romney’s support jumps +12-points from 13 percent to 25 percent.  

Voters are focused on the real problems our nation is facing – both national and generational in scope. The progressive playbook for defending Obama and attempting to regain the White House is to distract and divide. 

What the “War on Women” narrative reveals is how the left chooses to demonize anyone who questions government overreach. Not only is this how they continue to push their progressive agenda – in health care, workplace regulations, education policy, and entitlement policy – but also how they perpetuate the myth of women as victims in need of government protection. “

Cartoon By Rick McKee