While we admit , though will never understand , that Obama has a good “likability” rating here at home , what alarms us more is his “likability” abroad . Now we don’t mean amongst the typical citizens of the world . No we refer to his ” likability” as expressed by our adversaries … Hugo Chavez , Vladimir Putin , Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the rest of the world’s despots .



We here at YouViewed are of the opinion that any candidate being endorsed by our enemies is not the choice for us .


Jennifer Rubin on the likability factor 

” The Romney image created by the Obama ad bombardment was unlikable, but the actual candidate turned out to be an astonishingly decent person and extremely capable. The clash between the cartoon Romney and the real Romney seems to have jolted the electorate.

As for the media, the intellectual dishonesty should no longer surprise us, but it is disconcerting nevertheless. Romney’s unlikability is not only news but a media obsession. When he solves that issue, mum’s the word. ”


We strayed a bit from Jennifer’s point but what the heck … It’s Monday and we are tired … That doesn’t negate the essential point of our argument . Actually , Jennifer’s focus on the press’s water-carrying for Obama probably explains to a large degree how Obama’s “likability” has remained so high after four solid years of blunder upon blunder .