… If You’re An Uninformed Voter



  ” While it is very important for citizens to exercise their right to vote and to participate in the political process, it is equally important that those same citizens have some clue about who they’re voting for and how the system works.
An informed voting public is crucial to a thriving society, so please refer to following statements and if any of them apply to you, please consider not voting : “
If you don’t know whether the United States is a democracy or a republic, please refrain from voting.


If all you know about a candidate is their name or party or skin color, then please do the country a favor and stay home on election day.


If you don’t know what the electoral college is or how it works, please don’t vote.


If you think the government gives anything to anybody that it doesn’t take by force from someone else first, then by all means, please stay home and don’t vote.


If you don’t know how a bill becomes law, please don’t vote.


If you can’t name the three branches of government or explain the concept of balance of powers, please don’t vote.

 If you can name more members of the cast of Jersey Shore than you can name members of the Supreme Court, please don’t vote.

If you can’t explain how a bill becomes law but you can explain, in great detail, how the BCS college football ranking system works, please don’t vote.


If you never heard of the Federalist Papers but you have used rolling papers, please don’t vote.


If your only knowledge of current events comes from watching VH1, MTV or BET, please don’t vote.


If you don’t know who Thomas Paine was but you do know who Honey Boo Boo is, please don’t vote.”