Joe Biden confirmed Obama’s anti-
market tendencies.


  ” Moderator Martha Raddatz skimped on the economy in her questioning, letting the two
candidates bicker over the weather in Afghanistan rather than querying them on housing policy, financial reform, or spurring new investments—yet Biden managed to
highlight his opposition to the GOP on all three topics. On housing, Biden castigated the Romney-Ryan ticket, saying that in contrast to the Republicans, “we knew we had to act for the middle class. . . . We
moved in and helped people refinance their homes. Governor Romney said, ‘No, let foreclosures hit the bottom.’” Ryan took a pass on this provocation, though it was an opening for him. He should have said: Yes, that is our position, and we’re proud of it because it worked. He could have asked:
Would Obama and Biden prefer that home prices remain at unsustainable bubble-era levels, shutting young families who want to
avoid a mountain of debt out of the
marketplace? “