Former Home Depot CEO Makes Sound Anti-Obama Argument

Video At The Link

Bernie Marcus Bio Here .


  ” Bernie Marcus’s point here in this video is that Barack Obama does not have a great idea of how a business works; he has worked either in government office or for a government funded entity his entire career. He didn’t sweep the floors and clean bathrooms in 1985 for the minimum wage of $3.35 an hour. He hasn’t waited tables and had the entirety of his income depend on not only his personal performance, but also the ability of a restaurant to attract patrons. He hasn’t worked in a small business production line preparing items to ship as quickly as possible in time for the UPS man’s late afternoon pickup in order to produce the revenue needed to even have the ability to turn the lights on the next day or make payroll. And he hasn’t managed a crew of people that depend on his guidance in a struggling business. It’s not speculation – he has not involved himself in business on a day to day basis. Ever.”