The Metro Gun System

” How do you describe the Metro Gun System? The Metro Gun System is the answer to the question, “I wonder what would happen if I added three feet or so to my shotgun’s barre.” We’re not sure if its inventor, L.P.Brezny, had any expectation of what six feet of barrel would result with, but the final product is one ridiculously quiet shotgun.

Using special sub-sonic ammunition designed with the cooperation of Federal, a shotgun equipped with the Metro Gun System operates at about 72 decibels. Even with super-sonic ammo the crack at the muzzle is just 82 decibels.

It makes sense. A suppressor is a device that captures the gas escaping from the muzzle of a barrel. This barrel is so long, and has such great gas capacity, that it does the same job. The only difference, besides being massive, is that—legally-speaking, according to the ATF—it’s not a silencer. Which means that there’s no special process to get one, and it’s legal in all 50 states, even for hunting. “