The Shame Of Higher Education 

Could someone please explain to us why we should pay 40/50 thousand dollars a year for political indoctrination ?


  ” The college Republicans at Fordham University were scheduled to hear a talk by Ann Coulter on November 29th. Upon hearing this news, the university president attacked the conservative club that invited her.

Ann Coulter was scheduled to speak at Fordham University on November 29. Her appearance, organized by the conservative club on campus and funded by the school, would have marked the first time this fall a conservative addressed the Fordham student body.

Upon the announcement this week of the event, the conservative club was routinely attacked by others on campus.

Adding to the attacks against the club was the university president, Joseph McShane. Instead of welcoming Ann Coulter and encouraging students to consider her ideas, he issues an email to students, alumni, and faculty blasting the club for inviting her to speak.

He writes that groups area allowed to bring speakers with “diverse viewpoints” and that the school won’t block her fromspeaking, yet he felt compelled to openly attack the conservative group leadership for hosting her.

Here’s the text of the email he sent.”