The ATI Fiberforce Stock


The 22 Marlin Dragunov - christophereger - sar60-1-32.jpg

  ” ATI, long known for their aftermarket gunstocks and accessories, introduced their Fiberforce stock for the classic Marlin Model 60 more than ten years ago. Retailing for $49 on their website, it is made of DuPont extreme temperature glass reinforced polymer with a ventilated forearm/hand guard and textured grip. Sling swivel studs forward and a rear dowel sling mount aide in rapid attachment of a strap if desired. Overall, the stock weighs but 26-ounces and includes an adjustable cheek rest. The stock allows for offhand shooting, a better cheek weld, a more durable accommodation for hunting in bad weather, and something more popular with the kids. “