Jed Babbin


  ” Petraeus’s testimony on Benghazi would have been of much more value than any other witness’s, and thus more potentially damaging to Obama. We know that Americans were under attack, and that both the CIA and the State Department were aware of it in real time. We also know that U.S. aircraft stationed at Sigonella, Italy, could have flown to their aid in less than an hour to suppress the attack and possibly save American lives. And we know that Petraeus — a former top commander who knows how to use air power, special forces, and all the other tools of war — would have been pressed by the committee on why those aircraft weren’t ordered in during the course of a seven-hour attack.

In short, Petraeus was in a position to know more, and explain better than anyone else other than Hillary Clinton or President Obama, what precisely happened here while the Benghazi attack went on. If he were honest — and that has to be presumed — his testimony could have blown the Benghazi affair sky high.”