Defining Deviance Down*


Doris Kearns-Goodwin: Excusing Affairs Only Way to Get ‘Best People in Public Life,’ Like FDR and Clinton





” Kearns-Goodwin lamented how public officials today are held to moral standards: “I wish we could go back to the time when the private lives of our public figures were relevant only if they directly affected their public responsibilities….This man was a great general, a great leader, and for his career to come to an end because of a private matter that affects his family and him and evidently doesn’t have national security concerns.”

The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward completely dismantled her argument: “Unfortunately, for the CIA Director, he has special status and he’s got to be clean. He can’t be blackmailed or threatened or even deal with the anxiety, ‘My God, are they gonna find out about her?’ And he did the right thing.” ”







* While we acknowledge our own past transgressions and pass no judgments on General Patraeus we find the notion that we should accept immoral behavior in our leaders as ridiculous on it’s face . If the pompous windbags in Washington are going to presume to tell us how we can and cannot live our lives , mind you a notion we don’t accept to begin with , then they had better be willing and able to set a higher standard .