Seeing this gave us an idea . Since the government has mandated “truth in advertising‘ as far as calorie , sugar , salt , carb content   is concerned regarding our dining habits when we eat out , perhaps Denny’s has struck upon the right idea . We propose that the restaurants, already forced to save us from our own voracious appetites and irresponsible spending habits  can do the same with regard to the government’s . 

    From now on each eating establishment , and there is no reason this idea can’t be successfully adapted to other businesses as well , shall post along with nutritional data , the data reflecting the reason their meal costs exactly what it does . Let’s give you an example , shall we ?  

   That $15 cheeseburger you are about to scarf down could be had for $6 if not for the omnipresent hidden costs imposed upon every business and inevitably passed on to you , the consumer . So if Joe Blow ducks into his local burger joint and drops $15 for lunch he gets a receipt that looks like this  :

                                                            1 Cheeseburger                                  $3.00           

                                                            1 Large Fry                                            $1.50

                                                            1 Large ( no more than 16oz)  $1.50


                                                            Food Cost w/Profit                           $6.00

                                                            Municipal Food Permit                $1.00

                                                            County Business Tax                     $1.50

                                                            State Business Tax                          $2.00

                                                            Federal Obamacare Tax             $1.75

                                                            Liability Insurance                       $1.75

                                                            Unemployment Insurance     $ 1.00


                                                           You Pay                                                   $15.00

                                                           Gratuity Not Included

                                                           Thank You , Please Come Again

                                                            Have A Nice Day !

Surely the itemized costs can be broken down even further but this is a quicky from our politics and sex scandal addled brains . Feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comments . Everyone should know the true cost of the government that they vote upon themselves .

   We here at YouViewed think that it is high time for the ignorant masses , existence proven beyond a shadow of a doubt 11/6 , to know exactly why everything costs what it does .There is no free lunch .  No more letting the government get away with hidden tax increases . Let the Obama Mama’s see that they are paying for that ” free ”  Obamaphone with every greasy fry that they ingest .  Mangia !