Buycott For CEO Who Says Obamacare Will Cost Too Much Dough







 ” The raging food fight over Obamacare expands to Papa John’s pizza today, as National Papa John’s Appreciation Day is being held in support of the restaurant’s CEO John Schattner. The founder of the popular pizza chain recently criticizedObamacare’s increasing costs on the franchise, and explained that employee hours would need to be slashed in order to cover added expenses.  The result has been a public relations furor over the CEO’s lack of delicacy on the sensitive political matter .

The national appreciation day counters the planned boycott by supporters of Obamacare, who believe that the rich one-percenter should cover the additional expenses out of his own pocket or raise his prices. There is a major dispute over how much the Obamacare legislation will actually cost the pizza chain. While Schattner claims that government compliance will mean to $5-8 million in costs and a 10-14 cent increase per pie, a Forbes analysis puts the cost at less than a penny per pizza.  “