Mother Threatens Flasher with Pistol, Sicks Dogs on Him



” Public flashers are an odd bunch. They seem to get their kicks by running around and showing off their concealed, um, goods to complete strangers, so to speak. Flashers may want to be careful about who they flash, though…

A 35-year-old woman was visiting Lake Sacajawea in Washington state with her 6-year-old son when she had a close encounter with a flasher on Thursday around 8 p.m. She later told police that a man in his early 20s allegedly sat down near her and began performing a sex act, according to reports. He told the mother, “Miss, miss. Could you watch this? You need to watch this.”

Well, she wasn’t particularly interested in watching, but if the flasher wanted to do some show-and-tell then she wasn’t about to disappoint. “I put the magazine in my [Ruger .380]. I cocked it,” the woman said. “I said, ‘You need to leave or I’ll shoot you. I’m going to blow your brains out.’”

The man shouted, “Oh, [expletive]!” and fled. “