How to Prepare for Life Under Obamacare




” Across the country, governors face two key decisions post-election: do they force the feds to implement exchanges, or do they try to do it themselves, in which case the states have to rush to make them work, to pay for them with higher taxes on premiums, and could see a good deal of political blowback; and do they implement the Medicaid expansion, which will lead to short-term benefit but in the long-term create the need for higher taxes as states’ percentage of payments increase. Governors are generally unlikely to implement the exchanges — at least 20 of them have already said no — and if they are going to expand Medicaid, governors will attempt to use their leverage to extract vastly more freedom for their Medicaid systems, along the lines of what Florida has done, which has already been endorsed in spirit by the administration.

But that’s the decision process that faces the states—what about the ramifications for the rest of us? We talked about it the other night on The Blaze. Here are a few points I’ve highlighted to those with questions about coming policy changes ang how they will effect you: “