Please Excuse This Service Interruption As We Are Presently Experiencing Technical Difficulties .

  Through necessity we’ve been forced to become Mac users overnight and are not familiar with them at all . We have somehow changed our text color to black and the background to white on our posts and are mystified as to how to change it back . If there are any Mac users that could offer some assistance it would be greatly appreciated .We are very unhappy with black text in a white highlighted box on a black background .

                                                                                                                                                                                  Thanks , The Editors

Update : Upon posting this request for aid it has become apparent that the text/background color issue only involves items that are cut and pasted from other sources . Our own original issue text remains as it should . 

Update #2 : A second plea , Can anyone explain to us why some headlines/text comes out in the heading/font size that we specify and others remain in paragraph form even though they’ve been designated as heading 1 or heading 2 ?