US Soldiers Ordered To Not Criticize Islam, Pedophilia Or Advocate Women’s Rights

” Well, it now seems that the new Army Manual reflects Barack Obama’s soft spot for Islam and muzzles our American soldiers fighting for freedom, including freedom of speech.  And you STILL don’t think this guy is a danger to our country?

From Judicial Watch:

Here is a strong indicator that the Obama Administration’s crusade to
appease Islam has gone too far; a  new U.S. military handbook for
troops deployed to the Middle East orders soldiers not to make
derogatory comments about the Taliban or criticize pedophilia, among
other outrageous things.

It gets better; the new manual, which is around 75 pages, suggests
that Western ignorance of Afghan culture— not Taliban infiltration—is
responsible for the increase in deadly attacks by Afghan soldiers
against the coalition forces. “