While the rest of us were eating, drinking and making merry (or turning in early) the drama queens in Washington were burning the midnight oil.  They haven’t done their job all year, so we all had to endure the theatrics of the past several weeks with their climactic high drama last night.

And it’s still not over.  Although the old media is talking as though all this is done, the House has still not voted on the bill.  Stay tuned.

I don’t know all the details of it yet.  Lots of info is swirling around.  There’s more money for unemployment benefits in it.  And most of us won’t see our taxes rise.  Except that we will.  The payroll tax cut was allowed to expire, so all our take-home is going down.  It’s being reported that for every dollar in cuts in the bill, there are $41 in new taxes.

That’s what…

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