Annus Horribilis Comicus





” 2011 Delivered So Much Political Chicanery And Congressional Knavery Some Thought That 2012 Couldn’t Possibly Outdo It.


The more cynical among us, including your humble correspondent, knew better. A presidential election year would be enough to guarantee a new low, and we knew Obamacare would come before the Supreme Court, NBC would be in charge of the Olympics, the EU would continue its monetary meltdown while France — our favorite comic opera country — would be holding its own presidential election. Inevitably, we concluded, 2012 would leap every hurdle to make 2011’s nitwittery seem mild in comparison. And, of course, it did.

The monthly accounting of 2012 is ready, and it reads like a movie script Mel Brooks would have rejected.

JANUARY was a tough month. Several of the Republican presidential wannabes rolled over quicker than the Italian cruise liner Costa Concordia. The difference between the candidates’ Gucci-shod consultants and the ship’s captain (one Francesco Schettino) was obvious. Schettino abandoned ship as fast as he could, leaving the women and children behind. The consultants clung desperately to their candidates until the money ran out. ”


Illustration By William Warren