Ryan Heber

” Update 12:51 PST: Based on a news conference provide by Kern County and Taft police, here is the sequence of events this morning:

  • The shooter is a 16 y.o. male who did not attend the start of class this morning.
  • The shooter was seen walking on campus carrying a shotgun. The person who saw him called 911 which initiated a police response even before the shooting took place.
  • The shooter entered a class he was a student in and shot one 16 y.o. boy.
  • The teacher in the class is being called a hero for talking to the shooter while students fled the classroom through a back door.
  • The shooter reportedly attempted to shoot a 2nd student who he named but the teacher apparently prevented it.
  • As the teacher was talking to the shooter an unarmed campus supervisor approached and began talking to him as well.
  • The shooter eventually put the gun down at which point police had reached the scene and arrested him.
  • The teacher was injured in the head by buckshot but declined treatment at the scene.
  • Taft Union High usually has an armed School Resource Office on campus but he was not there today because he was snowed in at home.
  • Police have no information on where the shooter got the gun used in the incident.
  • Finally, the media on scene claims that multiple parents have told them that a student at Taft Union was suspended last year for making a “hit list.” Some are claiming that individual is the shooter in today’s incident but police have not offered any confirmation of this.

[End update]”



Further Reading :

” David Heber, the father of teacher Ryan Heber, said that his son is doing okay.
David said in an interview with 23ABC News, “(Ryan’s) a fantastic and good young man, and I appreciate him being true to himself.”

Heber was shot in the head by a stray fragment, multiple sources told 23ABC News.

Heber refused medical treatment.

Heber and a campus security officer distracted the shooter to let the other students leave the room. “