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” In this section of EveryBlock, you can find out about criminal activity near you, from robberies to homicides to prostitution.

The information comes from the Chicago Police Department and includes where and when each crime occurred, the case number, which primary and secondary “type” each crime falls under (see below) and the type of place where the crime occurred (in the street, at a residence, at a bar or tavern, etc.).

The information reflects incidents where the police responded and completed case reports. Note that a case report is not necessarily issued each time the police respond to a call. Also note that, though many case reports are the result of calls to 911, this data is not a list of 911 calls.


The information comes from CLEARMap, the crime mapping Web site of the Chicago Police Department. The data is updated each day, but the reports are about a week old. We at EveryBlock publish new reports daily.

Does every crime appear? And what are crime types?

The police’s database doesn’t include every crime. The police exclude crimes that are under investigation or reports that might compromise an investigation. Note also that though many case reports are the result of calls to 911, the police’s data is not a list of 911 calls. ”




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