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In case you missed it, over the weekend Todd Kincannon (@ToddKincannon) launched a follow-back hash tag #TGDN to help prevent voices from being silenced on Twitter by its auto suspension algorithms.

#TGDN stands for Twitter Gulag Defense Network and you can find out how it started and how it works by viewing the Twitchy post and @FoolishReporter wrote a great blog post describing how #TGDN can help thwart one of these Twitter algorithms.

#TGDN basically works by creating lists totaling 3,000 people and if each person follows everyone on that list then each person will have at least 3,000 Twitter followers (if you started from zero).  Having at least 3,000 twitter followers will supposedly make you immune to the Leftists tactic of blocking and reporting as spam those users who have low follower counts and causing the Twitter algorithms to automatically suspend those accounts – thus silencing their speech. …

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