Mexican Drug Cartels Gain Foothold In 1,286 US cities






” An investigation by the Examiner reveals that in the current raging controversy over guns in America, the Obama administration and gun control proponents among Congressional Democrats and other gun ban activists have carefully avoided dealing with what is now one of the top driving forces behind gun violence in America — Mexican drug cartels.

The cartels have gained a foothold in every major city in the United States — 1,286 cities to be exact. Law enforcement officials across the country confirm that most of the gang violence that occurs in major cities is perpetrated by illegal alien criminals who operate as the foot soldiers on the front lines for the Mexican drug cartels.”


   The Obama administration provides the cartels with weapons and refuses to secure our border to keep them out . They in turn create a major portion of the gun violence in our cities which he can then use as an excuse to curtail or even take away entirely our basic rights , and to top it all off we are now told that these people “need” a pathway to citizenship which means also a ticket on the government “Freebie Express” all at the expense of the American taxpayer .


” In September of 2012, the head of the Chicago division of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) told the Blaze that Mexican drug cartel street gangs are so deeply embedded in Chicago, for example, that the agency must treat the city as if it is on the southern border. At least three rival cartels are operating in the streets, he said, and much of the blame for the city’s horrific gun violence can be traced directly to the illegal Mexican gangs — a fact that is never reported in the mainstream media or by the Obama administration.

Further, the Department of Justice (DOJ) admitted in a report on Jan. 13, 2013 that Mexican drug cartels are now operating in a whopping 1,286 American cities.

Yet the DOJ is the very agency at the center of the biggest political scandal in U.S. history — the Fast and Furious scandal during which the Obama administration deliberately placed 2,500 firearms, many of which were military grade, directly into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. Although the types of weapons bought by straw purchasers for the ATF were not fully automatic, the cartels did, indeed, get fully automatic firearms, machine guns, grenades, missile launchers, and other military weapons from the State Department under Hillary Clinton.”


   Thank God the president has our best interests at heart .