Welcome to the 21st century “Governor” … for every step you take us down the road to total dependence , the private sector , through the wonders of technology will see to it that your efforts at control come to naught .

Part one shows the finished product being examined and test loaded with blanks .

DefDist Printed Cuomo Mag – Part I

Part two shows the magazine in use at the range , full auto .

DefDist Printed Cuomo Mag – Part II

The Danger Room at Wired.com offers this perspective on the Cuomo AR Mag …

New 3-D Printed Rifle Magazine Lets You Fire Hundreds of Rounds

” In response to the upsurge in gun violence, politicians are proposing restrictions on the number of bullets that handgun and rifle magazines can hold. And just as they do, new printing technology blows holes right through that debate. The 3-D printing gunsmiths at Defense Distributed are about to release blueprints for an upgraded magazine that won’t degrade even after you fire hundreds of rounds.

Meet the “Cuomo.” It’s a new printed magazine for your AR-15 rifle, soon to be available for download, and it holds 30 bullets.”

” In recent tests at a gun range near Austin, Texas, Defense Distributed fired a total of 342 rounds using the magazine with no issues, according to the group’s founder, Cody Wilson. The group fired 227 of those rounds using full automatic fire, while swapping out the barrels on the rifle to keep them cool. The group also uploaded a promotional video, seen above, demonstrating a portion of the test.

Defense Distributed emerged at the forefront of 3-D printed weapons last September after a printer leased by the group had its contract voided — and printer seized — by 3-D printer firm Stratasys. This kind of printing, or “additive manufacturing,” involves using layers of thermoplastics and computer-aided design files to construct everyday objects. The group’s move into printing magazines is a more recent shift. Printable magazine blueprints have been available online for more than a year, but most designs are crude and impractical.

The group had early blueprints pulled from the Thingiverse printable file database last year by its owner, MakerBot industries, with another purge of gun parts to follow after the tragic mass shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

But Defense Distributed has since set up its own online clearinghouse Defcad.

The upgraded printable magazine should be online at Defcad in the next few days.”