Tense Moments As California Agents Confiscate Illegal Guns



CBS Gun Confiscation


” CBS News rode along with Special Agent John Marsh of the state’s Department of Justice, as his team prepared to confiscate guns from a man in Stockton, California.

“He’s a felon,” said Marsh, “and he has two handguns still registered to him.”

It’s tense work. The agents are looking for those who are convicted felons or mentally unstable. And they have guns.

The state has a list of about 20,000 such people with 40,000 guns. But because of budget restrictions, there are only 33 agents to find them.

Last year, Harris’ agents seized 2,033 guns. On the night we were out, it took five-and-a-half hours to seize five guns. But with 40,000 guns out there, does it seem like Marsh will never catch them? “Sometimes it feels like we’re treading water,” he answered.

The agents could be close to going under water. About 3,000 new names are added to the list every year.


   Do the math , they fall further and further behind , yet the state is about to create a whole new influx of “illegal” guns . While we certainly don’t want the deranged to have guns , the fact that normally law-abiding citizens and their guns are about to make the list explode would seem to make the agent’s already dauntless task damn near impossible . 

   Typical government reasoning … we can’t enforce the laws we already have so let’s pass some more that we will be equally powerless to uphold .