Chris Dorner Body Not Yet Identified (MAJOR UPDATE)

From The Huffington Post Dated 2.13.13 @ 11:36 EST

   Even their update headline is misleading . If you read the post you’ll see that according to Commander Andrew Smith investigators have not yet even entered the building because it is still too hot .



Huff Post Dorner Report



   The video also seems to contradict the statement given by Commander Smith . If anyone knows the truth they are not saying at this time .


” Los Angeles Police Department told reporters that no body has been identified in the cabin in which Christopher Dorner was believed to have been hiding, following a shootout and fire.

No body has been located yet,” Commander Andrew Smith said, telling reporters that the building was still too hot for investigators to enter.

“That burned cabin has not even been entered by investigators yet,” Smith said. “We are still on a holding pattern to search that.”

Earlier reports had indicated that a body had been identified.

The standoff with Dorner, a former member of the LAPD, reached a violent close near a rustic cabin in the Big Bear ski area east of Los Angeles. Since Feb. 3, he’s accused of a crime spree that left four people dead, including two officers, and several others wounded in shootings in L.A. and nearby San Bernardino County.”