I Won’t Be Rushed





” Over the weekend, I was quoted in a New York Times magazine feature on the future of the GOP, for a project I’m spearheading to revamp party messaging. I, along with my colleagues in the project, discussed the ways in which we need to take the party back from the old guard, which has failed to adapt to a changing political and technological landscape, allowed undisciplined candidates to define our message and maligned the very groups of voters we’re hoping to attract.

In the piece, we talked about an injurious primary system that pushes candidates to lunge to the far right, and, conversely, the misguided efforts by establishment types to purge tea party conservatives from the movement. From candidate training to policy polishing, adopting new technologies to embracing new demographic realities, we acknowledged the hard work ahead for the GOP. It is important work, nonetheless.

There wasn’t anything earth-shattering in what I said, though you wouldn’t know it from looking at my Twitter timeline, which exploded in apoplexy when news of one quote in particular spread across conservative media. I’d very much like to explain the quote, and respond to my critics who, I think, prove an interesting point.”