Time For Law Abiding Gun Owners To Stand And Fight For Their 2A Rights





” It’s no secret that the recent mass shootings are being used and manipulated to slowly erode, gnaw at and diminish the 2nd Amendment.

The Diane Feinstein’s and Mike Bloomberg’s of this country essentially want to neuter the 2nd Amendment so it’s essentially just a privilege in name only, not a Right as guaranteed by our Bill of Rights. President Barack Hussein Obama has initiated 23 Executive Orders, which potentially could put 2A rights on a very slippery slope and blur the lines of HIPPA laws and personal health information (PHI) as it relates to gun ownership.

Now more than ever, each and every law abiding gun owner needs to stand up and be heard. That action can take many shapes and forms. Recently there have been a host of states where Guns Across America rallies have been organized and citizens have exercised their 1st Amendment right to support their 2nd amendment right! Bravo!!

If you are reading this article and own one gun and are not a member of the NRA or any gun ownership supporting organization please join NOW! Listed below, are several organizations that all work to protect your rights under the 2nd Amendment and will fight for you to maintain that right. The enemies list of the NRA is long and deep, including Rosie O’Donnell which is a clear cut indication that they work hard to support you….the law abiding gun owner. More importantly they are very effective as are many of those listed below. JOIN NOW!

  1. NRA Membership
  2. Gun Owners of America
  3. 2nd Amendment Foundation
  4. Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep & Bear Arms – CCRKBA
  5. National Shooting Sports Foundation – NSSF
  6. Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership – JPFO
  7. Armed Females for America “