Pentagon Informs Congress Of Plans To Furlough 800K Civilians


” The Pentagon notified Congress on Wednesday it will be furloughing its civilian workforce of 800,000 employees if sequestration goes into effect March 1.

Defense officials have warned lawmakers that sequestration will devastate the military and lead to a hollow force, but the civilian furloughs will be one of the first major impacts felt by the across-the-board cuts.

The Pentagon furloughs will affect civilians across the country. Pentagon officials have said that civilians could face up to 22 days of furloughs, one per week, through the end of the fiscal year in September. The employees would receive 30 days’ notice before being furloughed.”

   Of course the first question that leaps to mind is , If the pentagon can cut it’s man-hours by twenty percent and stay in business why are we employing the better part of a million people in the first place ? Is the Pentagon in the “make work” business too , just like every other public entity that we know of ? 

   Well , duh , we’ve answered our own question . It is a government agency isn’t it ? why should it be any different ? But it’s all to the good we should say . Cut the civilian part of Defense … It is the soldiers we care about , not the Georgetown and Virginia suburban desk jockeys.

   This has the stench of Chicago all over it . Panetta and Obama’s toadies in the upper echelon of the Joint Chiefs are behind this cheap attempt at manipulating public opinion .