Joe Biden’s Felony Self-Defense Advice


” In an interview with a parenting magazine, Vice President Joe Biden described the home defense advice he gave his wife, Jill Biden. This advice, if followed, constitutes a felony in almost every state.

Here are the home defense tips that Vice President Biden gave his wife, and that he would like to see you emulate:”


” You may not fire upon someone if they don’t have a reasonable chance of carrying out their intent because of natural or man-made obstructions in their path that would prevent them from carrying out their assault, or if they were too far away to pose an immediate threat. A person armed with a club or a knife may be a lethal threat if face-to-face or across a short stretch of open ground, but you cannot easily justify shooting them from one rooftop to another, across a canal, etc. If that same person has a ranged weapon such as a firearm, however, the threat is immediate. Nor may you shoot someone for merely possessing an object that might be used as a weapon, if they are not using it in a threatening manner.

He’s describing a situation where there is no immediate threat, nor a life-threatening event.

We know there is no immediate threat, because there is enough time for Mrs. Biden to:


  • move from wherever she is in the house to the gun safe
  • unlock the gun safe
  • unlock the ammunition container
  • retrieve the shotgun
  • load the shotgun
  • walk across the room or rooms
  • open the exterior door
  • walk outside onto the balcony
  • shoulder the firearm
  • fire two random shots “