Steve McLaughlin On NY SAFE Act Resolutions

Hi everyone, Just a few updates, thoughts and some info:

1. Gov Cuomo….can you hear us now?

2. I am humbled, grateful and thankful for your encouragement and support. When I spoke on the floor I was doing my job debating a really bad bill and fighting what I knew was an attack on the 2nd amendment. I had no idea how many people were watching all over the nation that would get involved but you were and you did! Thank you for giving me the encouragement to carry on. I’m honored to be there fighting for our rights and giving you a voice.

3.Congratulations to Erie Co. and Wayne Co. for passing resolutions today. We add them to the map tomorrow! Impressive because the Governor was in Erie Co. today and they still passed it.

4. Please see below and visit and like the NY SAFE Act Resolutions page. Evan Hempel, a town council member in Clermont started the page and is trying to keep track of everything. We’re working together rather than duplicating our efforts and sharing as much information as we can to keep you up to date.

5. We don’t consider a resolution passed until it is voted on and passed by the full legislature. Often what’s being reported is that a resolution passed but it may have only passed a committee so we wait to color in the map until the entire legislature votes.

6. Below you’ll see info on how to start a resolution in your county (or town/village). Mattie Z who is on my page may see this and chime in but she did a fantastic job in Orleans Co. and everyone can learn from her. Follow the steps below. You have to do this. You have to get involved. I can’t make it happen alone but WE THE PEOPLE can and will! This is grass roots. Be unafraid. Elected officials work for you! You are our boss. Let them know what you would like to see happen. Be nice. Be respectful. Be firm in your resolve. We have the momentum on our side. Do not let up. These are OUR rights.

7. See #1 above for encouragement and start contacting everyone who supports the 2nd amendment to get them involved as well.***How to start a resolution in your county***First realize the power of one person taking action. Take a look at Mattie Zarpentine’s experience! [1]Contact your legislators [2]. Let them know you’ve been watching nearby counties pass resolutions and you want them to pass one too. Let them know that the majority of NY Counties oppose the act. Give them copies of resolutions you like[3] (this way you steer at least the initial draft).If they’re still not sure, then let them know that their action on this issue will determine if you back a primary against them next election cycle.[1][2] Usually emails and phone numbers are on the County website[3]

NY SAFE Act Resolutions

Town and County resolutions and news about the resolutions are compiled on A listing of the full text of resolutions can be found at: All resolutions opposing NY SAFE:http://www.nysaferesolution/… “