Oklahoma Bill Protecting Guns From Federal Seizure Passes House Panel


firearm freedom act map



” An Oklahoma bill known as the Firearms Freedom Act has successfully passed the state’s House panel with a whopping 13-0 vote, signifying a great start for the bill that protects Oklahoma citizens from federal laws or regulations concerning guns and ammunition.

Around eight states already have signed into law similar bills defending the Second Amendment rights of the public, and Oklahoma could keep this going strong. If you’ve been following this bill, you may be aware that the ultimate passing of this bill into law can signify some serious change that will surely reverberate throughout the nation and spark similar legislation that may be introduced and adopted in an even greater number of states. Of course the flip side of this is that if this bill is crushed, it will limit the chances of other states following the move successfully. With a vote of 13-0 by the panel, however, it is a good sign for sure.

Right now, a dozen other states are at some stage in the process of ruling on similar bills. The site FireArmsFreedomAct has provided a graphic that highlights the states as of February 9th, 2013:”