” In at least the second such encounter in recent weeks, the social media website Facebook has run into issues with conservatives posting information that has caused the site to block Tea Partiers from posting–at least temporarily.

Now, Facebook blocked two stay-at-home Tea Party moms from posting material that’s pro-conservative and critical of liberals including President Barack Obama, Breitbart News has learned. The two moms–Patty and Lisa (they requested Breitbart News not use their last names, as they have “received death threats on our page and would prefer to remain somewhat anonymous”)–have had some issues with regard to posting materials that have gotten caught up in Facebook’s web, starting as early as October 2012.

Just a few weeks ago, the women who run the Chicks on the Right blog had similar problems. Their issues were resolved fairly quickly, and it appears these Tea Party moms’ issues will be resolved soon.

Patty and Lisa launched their Facebook page after Andrew Breitbart, the founder of this website, passed away.

“Lisa, a friend of mine, and I started this Facebook page 10 months ago and just yesterday we reached 125,000 ‘likes,’” Patty said in a phone interview with Breitbart News. “Our page has exploded kind of quickly, and I think a major reason for that is because everything we do is in memory of Andrew Breitbart–who we met just days before he died.” “