CPAC: Chris Christie’s Not Invited This Year




” All they’re doing here, whether they realize it or not, is throwing him into the briar patch. Christie was never going to run as the conservative choice in 2016 and lord knows he’s not going to run as a conservative to get reelected in New Jersey. That’s how Democrats will try to paint him, of course, but now he has fresh evidence to rebut the charge — he’s unwelcome at the preeminent gathering of American conservatives. CPAC’s unwittingly helping him burnish his brand as the country’s most formidable centrist Republican. Expect him to gets lots of mileage out of it in interviews over the next month.

Maybe Netroots Nation will snap him up for this year’s gala instead. Exit question: Was last night’s photo op with FLOTUS the last straw? ”


   While we acknowledge the fact that there have been and will be others who are even less conservative than Christie invited to attend CPAC , we feel that any “republican” that says ” I agree with Andrew Cuomo on probably 98% of the issues” does not belong anywhere near the podium of any conservative gathering .