Magpul Goes Bad. Update: Magpul Responds And Our Reply.


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” While nearly 100 companies have pledged to hold all purchasers of firearms and accessories to the standard of what’s available to everyday civilians, in what’s commonly known as the New York boycottArmalite and now Magpul have taken an opposing stand.  (See also The Police Loophole.)

The good folks at Magpul have instead sided with Armalite against freedom and law-abiding American firearm owners – and what’s more, they’ve one-upped Armalite in their sales practices!

According to their sales manager Justin Beard in a post at, Justin Beard wrote:

The answer is yes, our Distributors are allowed to sell to LEOs in ban states. Our founder has also said regarding LEO restrictions, “We have not considered such a move as we are not convinced that this tactic will have any effect on those in power (they will just buy Israeli or some other generic parts). It also adversely punishes street cops, local sheriffs and individual military members for the actions of those in power. The last thing we want to do is hurt those who support our cause.”

So, we see that we can support Law Enforcement and Military members while standing up for our convictions and will continue to do everything in our power to protect our inherent rights.

[Emphasis added.]

Yes, indeed.  The last thing they want to do is hurt those who support “our” cause.

Apparently to Magpul, that means supporting those who will enforce unconstitutional restrictions on our Second Amendment rights.

As we said, Magpul has one-upped Armalite and to add insult to injury, not only are they selling their products that are banned to civilian ownership to law-enforcement in those restrictive locales, they have established an express lane for law enforcement “professionals” to get their standard-capacity PMAGs right away…  even law enforcement officers in restrictive locations such as New York which now ban sales of standard capacity magazines to civilians.

These law enforcement “professionals” will use these PMAGs in the course of the job-related activities to arrest and prosecute gun owners who were law-abiding at the end of 2012 but no longer.

Military and law-enforcement can order up to ten PMAGs in this “express lane”.



  Read the whole thing . It includes a detailed response from Magpul along with a Fisking of that response which provides food for thought regarding Magpul’s true loyalties . Increasingly those loyalties are seeming to lie with the almighty dollar rather than the 2nd Amendment . 

* Try as we might , we couldn’t locate this special offer page on Magpul’s webpage . We assume that they’ve decided to somehow reduce the visibility of that special LEO offer .