Reuters Journalist Matthew Keys Indicted In Anonymous Hacks





” A US Department of Justice Department statement released Thursday says Matthew Keys, 26, a Thomson Reuters social media editor and former web producer for the Tribune Company, was charged in the Eastern District of Calif. for conspiring with Anonymous.

Key’s involvement with Anonymous was revealed by a former Anonymous collective member “Sabu” who became an informant for the FBI following arrest last year.

According to the statement by the US Department of Justice, the Reuters web producer was indicted in a California district court for conspiring with hackers affiliated with Anonymous and passing to them between December 10 and December 15, 2010, usernames and passwords to access the computer server of the Tribune Company after he was fired from his job at the Tribune Company owned KTXL Fox 40 in Sacramento, California.

After he had handed over the log-in credentials to the hackers, he urged them to “go f**k some s**t up.”

According to a federal indictment (PDF) obtained by The Huffington Post, Keys, under the username “AESCracked,” used a chat room “InternetFeds” to pass the information to the Anonymous hackers.”