Video: Every Senate Budget Committee Democrat Votes ‘No’ on Balancing the Budget




” Their own plan doesn’t even come close to balancing, of course, and they’re not interested in other ideas to get there.  The first Republican amendment they torpedoed yesterday called for increasing federal spending at a clip of “only” 3.4 percent per year over the next decade, rather than the major acceleration that Democrats have advanced.  The second proposed making it more procedurally difficult to pass a budget that does not balance with ten years.  Watch as each Democrat-aligned committee member votes in lockstep against these provisions.  Make no mistake, they are explicitly rejecting a balanced federal budget (the roll call begins at the 1:15 mark):





As a point of fact, Johnson and Sessions are correct on these counts.  The Hill and other news organizations have confirmed that Democrats’ budget numbers registerat most $800 billion in deficit reductions over ten years, even setting aside its accelerated spending course.  Their exploitation of the unrealistic CBO baseline — which we explained yesterday — renders a number of their “cut” claims even more dubious.  Especially dishonest was Murray’s statement (not included the shortened version of the video), er, “in rebut” to Sessions’ amendment, in which she claimed that the new budget, plus previous savings, add up to the Simpson-Bowles recommended level of $4 trillion in deficit relief.  Between phony gimmicks and double-counting, she’s not even in the ballpark of $4 trillion, which is probably why Sessions felt compelled to use words like “lie” throughout the hearing.  I’ll leave you with liberal commentator Ezra Klein expressing…some skepticism over the Democrats’ first budgetary offering since 2009:




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