Turnbull Manufacturing to Produce Limited Run of Colt Buntline Revolvers *


English: Colt SAA Buntline special (Uberti mad...

English: Colt SAA Buntline special (Uberti made) Italiano: Colt SAA Buntline special (Fabbricata da Uberti) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


” Turnbull Manufacturing, renown maker of simple, rugged and gorgeous antique-style firearms, is bringing back the Colt Buntline, complete with their unmatched panache and style. To keep them as special as the original Buntline revolvers, they will only make limited production run of ten guns.

Based on the Colt Single Action Army, the Turnbull Buntline can be chambered in your choice of .45 Long Colt or .44 Magnum. Like the archetypal Colt revolvers, Turnbull’s Buntlines are made to order with barrel lengths up to 16 inches long.

While having one chambered in .45 Colt is absolutely more true to the iconic design, .44 Magnum really takes advantage of longer barrels, and is guaranteed to be a soft-shooter with the Buntline design.

These Turnbull Buntlines are not inexpensive, but they’re not unattainable at $1,650 each; considerably less than an original Buntline. In 2010, one example sold for $345,000. In 2012, a very rare 16-inch model auctioned for over $546,000.

The history of the Buntline is part steel and part myth. Ostensibly named for pulp fiction author Ned Buntline, it is believed that Colt made up to 30 Buntline revolvers in 1876.”



     As fate would have it Ned Buntline’s Birthday was March 20th . See more at Uncurrent Events 3.20.13 Births