Why Hasn’t The Media Been Reporting On Or Booking Pro-Gun Newtown Parent Mark Mattioli?

” Some of the most compelling voices in the current debate over gun violence are those who have been touched by itparticularly the parents of the twenty children slain at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14. It’s strange, then, that one of those parents, Mark Mattioli, has simultaneously been white-washed and virtually blacked out of the media’s post-Newtown coverage. While endorsing the NRA’s plan to arm school personnel Tuesday, Mr. Mattioli urged people to put politics aside, but it appears as though his politics may be a factor in the media’s treatment of him.

At a press conference to roll out the NRA’s 225-page report on school safety, Mark Mattioli praised the plan, and said “I think politics needs to sort of be set aside here, and I hope this doesn’t you know, lead to name-calling. But rather, this is recommendations for solutions. Real solutions that will make our kids safer.””

Mr Mattioli’s speech before the Connecticut legislature