If Illegal Amnesty’s Border Security Fails… There Will be A Commission






” It looks like the requirement that the Border Patrol catch 90% of illegal crossers… has turned out to be evanescent…

Of course, the 90% “trigger” was never a barrier to legalization–illegal immigrants will get that more or less immediately under the Gang bill, or maybe as soon as Department of Homeland Security comes up with a border “plan.” The supposed “trigger” would only be hurdle if these amnestied legalized immigrants subsequently sought “green card” status, which would in turn open the possibility of  citizenship. But it turns out even this half-fake lock-the-barn-door trigger doesn’t really trigger anything. If the DHS doesn’t meet the 90% goal, what happens? According to the NYT:

” If, after five years, border officials have not reached the surveillance and enforcement goals, the bill establishes a border commission to advise the Department of Homeland Security on how to reach its goals, with additional financing of up to $2 billion.”

That’s right. An honest to goodness commission with chairs and desks and water glasses and everything. Mickey Kaus was predicting all along that the only real border security measure would be a commission and he was proven right.”



Illustration by Gary Varvel