Lawmaker To Investigate Gun Seizure



”  A state lawmaker is calling for an investigation into how an Amherst man’s guns were taken away by mistake.

State Assemblyman Ray Walter says when he saw the news coverage of David Lewis’ case, he knew immediately something was “seriously wrong.” Walter wants some answers, when he meets face-to-face with the State Police Superintendent in Albany next Tuesday.

Lewis said, “It’s been very embarrassing. I feel like I’ve been let down, and my privacy’s been invaded.”

Lewis’ attorney, Jim Tresmond, suspects investigators are using the SAFE Act, to pry into confidential medical records.

“We hear that there’s a special unit that’s been created to peruse the HIPAA reports,” Tresmond said.

Walter added, “Or else this was just a test case on the part of the Governor’s office, to see how far we could push this law. And I hope that’s not the case.”

State Supreme Court Judge William Boller has ordered Lewis’ pistol permit reinstated; once Lewis has it back, he can pick up his guns from Amherst Police.

Tresmond says he’ll be filing in federal and possibly state courts, on the grounds that Lewis’ rights to due process were violated.”