Sheila Jackson-Lee: “Don’t Condemn The Gangbangers. Blame The Guns.”



” The NRA’s slogan has been, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Liberals have often mocked it, but they’ve never actually tried to argue that the guns carry the moral responsibility. Until now.” 






” Sheila Jackson-Lee, the dumbest human being in Congress, can always be counted on to offer innovative ideas about the Vietnam War (North Vietnam and South Vietnam are living in peace) or her inability to tell the difference between Mars and the Moon. And this time around, Sheila Jackson-Lee put forward the bold theory that the gangbangers who are behind much of the gun violence murder rate shouldn’t be blamed.

The entire gun control push is a dishonest attempt to crack down on the rights and freedoms of Republican and Independent voters for the crimes of Democratic voters.”